mp3's slow to load on Sony BD player


I have some problems with MyBookLiveDuo. It streams jpg’s to my Sony Blueray player, but mp3’s are loading for minutes before playing. The same files play fine from my Win7 computer and even from my iPad. On the same iPad WD2Go plays the WD MBLD mp3’s fine.

WD support from The Netherlands suggest I use a cabled setup, but I don’t want to.

The MBLD should stream these files to a DNLA certified BD player I think…

I cannot see any settings in the dashboard I could change. The Sony player is listed in the “media” tab same as the other devices.

Can anybody please help?



Hi, make sure that you have the latest firmware installed on both, also a simple power cycle might help. 

As of today I have installed the latest updates on the Sony as well as the Mybook.

It does not help. Al is still the same. The same mp3’s are playing fine from an usb disk.

Seems the Sony is reading all of the mp3’s on the entire disk before playing a single one.

Then, after finishing the first, it again loads all of them anew, before playing the next. Very bizarre…

Anyone please?