MP3 won't play on My Cloud Android App

I’ve got my “My Cloud” up and running at home and I’ve been able to play MP3’s remotely via work WiFi for several weeks - I just browse to them in the My Cloud App, click them and they play - no problem.

Today I tried to do the same and, although I can browse through my collection, the file won’t play - the player’s position bar showing the position in the track stays at the start and doesn’t move even when I press the play button.

I can browse through my cloud using the app with no problems.  I can open an image file and view it with no problem.  I can browse to an MP3, download it and play it locally on my android phone with VLC player with no problem. 

My only issue is with streaming the file through the My Cloud app (which used to work fine until this morning).

The only other thing I can think of is that we had a power cut at home 2 days ago and I’ve not used the android app since then.  I’m only using ~100GB of the My Cloud so I presumed the directories would have rebuilt themselves and, since then, I’ve played MP3s from it via WiFi on my SONOS system with no problems.  I don’t think this is part of the problem, but it’s the only thing I can think of.

Hello and welcome,

Have you tried a drive reset and/or power cycle?

You can also try to rescan or rebuild the data base from the My Cloud dashboard.

Thanks for the suggestion.  No I hadn’t tried any of those things.  When I got home last night I tried connecting via the app on my home wi-fi (rather than work wi-fi) and it worked fine.

Today, back at work, I’ve tried again on the work wi-fi and it also works fine just like it used to.

In the meantime I’ve not done anything to the server or my phone (i.e. no updates, resets or anything).  I’ll keep an eye on it and see if it’s an intermmittent problem or just one of those wierd computer glitches that happens once and is never seen again.