MP3 Playback Slow

I have a WD HD Live with the current firmware (1.04.17_V)

I can play video over my network (Wireless N) without problems, including some very large files. But when i try and play MP3’s it takes anything between 1 and 2 minutes to start playing any MP3.

When i select an MP3 to play i get the spinning circle for up to a minute (on average 63 seconds). Then the MP3 appears to play, i.e. the playing time elapsed counter goes up but nothing plays, this can go on for up to 60 seconds but can be as little as 3 seconds, then the playing time elapsed counter will suddenly reset to 0 and restart counting up, and the MP3 will play.

I am generally seeing a gap of 1-2 minutes between mp3 files, even if the WD HD unit tries to start playing track 2 after completng track 1.

As the MP3 files are so small compared to the video files (which i have had no problems with) I cannot understand why they take so long to play.

Also, i can navigate the Movie folder over my network very quickly, ie i can move around the files in the folder with the remote at an acceptable speed, but with MP3 files in another folder on the same drive it is painfully slow, taking about 5 seconds to scroll to the next line of files.

the MP3’s have been encoded by a variety  of sources, having been produced over the years by Win XP, Vista, Win7 and OSX machines.

Any Idea, as at the moment MP3 playback is simply useless.

Try resetting the WDTV by pressing the side button with a paperclip / cocktail stick. Press for 1 second and then release with the unit on and fully booted up. The unit should reboot.