mp3 file name numbers format

i have a load of mp3’s from different artists i made a folder called compilation, using mp3tag editor i stripped out track

numbers from the mp3’s as they were all different, they were sometimes 01. or just 1 etc .

id like to rename them in the order id like them to play, my question is what is the format to rename them so the hub plays them in the order i have made them is it 01. title or 1.title etc,  or something completely different.

as i have over a hundred in one folder i presume id have to change the name one by one manually phew…

I believe that the HUB plays them in alphabetical order, not reading the metadata that you add to the files (someone my prove me wrong here though). Thus for me, I have all my album/CDs in individual folders with the name of the band, album and year (EX: “Aerosmith - 1987 - Permanent Vacation”, with the songs named like the below

01-Heart’s Done Time.flac

02-Magic Touch.flac

03-Rag Doll.flac

etc. (all my music is in flac)

Kinda cruddy but it was the only way I could get it to work. That being said, I have added all the metadata including : Band, Album, Song Title, year, track #, Disc # using Audio Shell Tag Editor with the thought that someday maybe the HUB will use all that info in a way that works well ( some is now used but not in a convenient manor), or that I may be using a different device at some point that wants that data.

Anyways, for now its alphabetical order for me. Embedding the CD covers into the songs does work well.


thanks i have embedded the album pics within mp3 tracks as well, pity you cannot number the tracks to play in the order you wish instead of alphabetical

yeah, agreed. But the way I see it, you never know what will come along with new firmware or when and if you decide to change devices, so it’s worth it to add all the metadata as you go along just to have it. It would be a real pain to go back and add it for 1000 CDs at a later date. Might as well do it while you are either ripping them or renaming the ones you already have.


You could make a playlist or if the tags work for you then you could add track numbers to your files in the order you want them.

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richUK wrote:
You could make a playlist …

+1, that’s a really good idea to solve the issue


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great suggestion

I had just begun the process of moving entire albums onto the hub when I realized it wouldn’t read track numbers

I was just about to re-name my files with 01-, 02-, prefixes (which Ididn’t want to do because I sync my files between the hub and other devices) when I thought I’d search the forum for advice

the playlist idea is perfect

only takes about 10 seconds per album to create a playlist and this does not muck up my filenames

gee I love these forums

Just double checked. The hub does read track numbers within id3 tags if you have the media library on and selected. You then select filter (green button) and select filter : all albums. When you select the album it will be in track order.

going to test this,

i can confirm it does work ie 01. etc etc but a bit  long winded when you have a compilation of over a 100 songs in one folder

Best to make a playlist .

Playlist creator (free)