MOZY backup in the states and MCM

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I’m not understanding your question correctly.

Are you trying to perform a backup the MCM with the WD Smartware or your pc to the MCM using the Smartware?

I haven’t try using two backup software at the same time. However, I don’t see why it wouldn’t work if is from your PC to the My Cloud Mirror.

Hi ERmorel,

I can understand why you didn’t understand the question because on reading it (and I wrote it) it doesn’t make sence.

If possible can you delete this message and I will re-write it at a later date in a comprehensible manner.

My apologies



When you have the chance, just reply to this post with detailed information about your case and some of the users on the community will provide you some info about it.

I have deleted the original question which was at the top of page 1 and re-written it heare in a more straight forward manner.

At present i Use ‘Mozy Home’ which is an American based backup utility.

It backs up my selected files twice a day and holds them in the cloud.

In that package Mozy have an element called Mozy Sync.

I put certain files in that Mozy sync folder and when I press save on one of those filesa it automatically saves it to the Cloud.

So that is an automatic backup that is not included in the twice a day backups but backs up my important files as they happen.

I now have My Cloud Mirror (2x 2TB) and via smartware, that also has the fascility to automatically back up whenever I save a change.

My question is:

If I run both backup programmes simultaneously and press ‘Save’, they will both try and grab at the changes at the same time.

Will they both succeed and two copies are saved, one on each backup, or will they conflct and both be corrupted resulting in no saves?


Will one programme overcome the other and just one save is made.

Has anyone tried this before or is it a test scenario for me to explore?

Thanks and appologies for a badly structured question originally.


‘Leave me in the dark and I will find the light’.

To anyone following this post, my 1st Test info.

The set up

Mozy Home (Cloud backup) was set to automatic backup meaning that when I press ‘save’ on a file, it is backed up in real time.

My Cloud Mirror (Cloud backup) was also set to automatic meaning that when I pressed ‘save’ on a file, it was backed up in real time.

So both were set to do the same thing at the same time on the same file.

Test 1 result.

I opened a excel file, xlsx, that was a file that was common to both my cloud storages and should back up automatically in real time once ‘save’ was pressed.

I made an alteration on the file and pressed ‘save’

Mozy Home - immediately acknowledge the save and started and completed the backup of the file and its alterations. I checked this on their server by date and exact time of the save.

My Cloud Mirror - after pressing save I moved over to smartware. It registered a save of the same file I was working on and I saw it go into the pending transfer section on the bottom right. I closed excel and the file was shown as saved in smartware and no longer pending. Unfortunately I was unable to truly verify the save in smartware as it would only let me see the directory the file was in that I had been working on.

I did this ‘alter and save’ about 4 or 5 times and each time got the responce from the two clouds as shown above.


My conclusion is that both clouds were able to make the save without conflicting with each other.(further tests may disprove this)

Mozy Home is able to save the file even though it was still open whilst MCM waited until I closed it.

I don’t think waiting until the file closed was a big issue for MCM providing the ‘pending transfers’ were still there if the PC’s hard drive suddenly crashed whilst you were working on a file. Hopefully any changes that you had saved and were in the MCM pending tray would then be stored on the MCM. I cannot speculate on that scenario but maybe someone out there can, would they be saved or lost?


‘Leave me in the dark and I will find the light’.