Mowing the yard

Gas & Oil:  $10.00

Sharpened Mower Blade:  $15

New safety glasses and trimmer string:  $39.50

Icy-Hot for the strained back trying to start the mower who’s fuel you forgot to stabilize at the end of last season:  $5.95

25 mile per hour southerly winds with gusts to 35 which blow the clippings and dust all the way down the street so you don’t have to sweep the sidewalks:   No charge.  :)

I love Spring…

Now, mowing when it’s 104 and 60% humidity:  Ask me then.

Then I shall!!

What about mowing when it’s 104 and 60% humidity?

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I want one of those!!!  And is only 25 cents!!!

So do I.

Don’t know about the mower, but where can I get threads (clothes) like those?