Moving raid 5 drives to new nas from old failed nas


I had a WD EX4 - with 4 drives set in raid -5, the actual EX4 failed and is out of warranty, the 4 hard drives work just fine.

I puchased a new NAS a DL4100 as a replacement. I heard their is a way to move them into new nas keep same, set up raid 5 and not lose all the data.

All i see is bad HD recovery not when the NAS unit itself fails, and to move all the same drives to a new unit without data loss is what i really need. I dont have 12tb back up, as its 4x4tb drives in raid 5 setup.

Are my Hard drives able to go into this model from an EX4 raid 5 to the newer DL4100 same raid 5 settings not lose data >>?

Any info - directions is much appreciated.

With the WD NAS you can move your RAID 1/5/10 hard drives from EX4 to DL4100 or EX4100 or vice versa without losing your data. You will see a message popup when go to the WebUI “Do you want to roam this RAID…etc…” something like that.

Yes THATS IT !!!, “” Raid Roaming"" , i totally forgot that term and this is why i asked someone here nice enough to know it, since i did not remember it and wanted to get the correct directions to move the raid over to new NAS.

Thanks for remembering the term i had forgotten and sharing it for me so i could get those instructions again,

All is working with the new NAS today and no data lost WOOT!!!.