Moving MyBook from PC to Mac use

I setup a MyBook Duo 2 years ago to use with 2 laptops running Windows OS. We have now changed to using MacBook Pro’s and I am having difficulty finding topics that cover how to migrate the MyBook Duo from PC use to Mac use. I think I formatted the disk to be NTFS which as I understand Mac OS cannot write to. Currently I cannot even read from the drive. Any help appreciated. Thanks.


In order to use the drive on your Mac you will need to format it for Mac (HFS). However, If the drive is formatted NTFS Mac should be able to read it.

I recommend you make sure the drive is plugged in directly into a wall outlet since a power issue may be the cause of this. Also try replacing the USB cable.

Thanks Hamlet. My problem is that I store archived data on the drive as well as backups for 2 laptops. Moving the data off the drive while I reformat will be a challenge. I wonder if I could reformat one of the 3TB drives as I have 2 configured for raid mirror.

I have a very similar situation, but I want to be able access the data stored by the Windows machine. I don’t want to wipe the MyBook clean. To elaborate: I have used the WD SmartWare to create backup copies of a lot of files from my Windows machine on the MyBook. That Windows machine is now broken. I want to get a Mac. Can I connect the WD MyBook to the Mac and read/restore files from the backups made? If so, how?

Thanks for any advice.

WD SmartWare will not restore files from a different Operating System family.

Your best option would be to manually copy the backup to the new computer…