Moving large files on/off the WD Sentinel DX4000


I’m working for a startup company and I’ve been given the task of managing a lot of video files. Moving them off and on the Sentinel drive. The problem  is moving 15 to 30 gigs of raw files on and off the Sentinel drive via wireless netowrk.  As you could imagine, this is suppose to take hours on end.  Shouldn’t I be able to a G-Drive  via USB to the DX4000 and connect and then connect the G-Drive to my laptop and manage the files from there and just transfer through a hard connection ? (i don’t have the proper cables right now, leaving soon to get them) 

Sorry if my terminology is off and this is a newbie question. 


I have no clue what a g-drive is.  But if you are asking can you connect a usb drive the the DX, yes.  Would it not be easier to get a wired connection?

A G-drive is a type of external hard drive.  It seems as though it would be eaiser. I’m about to try it out here soon.

FWIW the WD box supports usb 3.0 which would be a big benefit

Yeah, I’m currently using it right now. Unfortunately, despite connecting the drives to the Sentinel directly, my computer cannot see the sentinel drive. Whether it be connected through the computer or directly to the sentinel (trying to access the control wirelessly).

Basically two courses of action

External Drive–>Computer<–Sentinel (Did not work)

External–>Sentinel–>Wireless Network from a seperate computer(one who can see the Sentinel but not the External drive connected too it). 

Not sure what you are doing.

To “see” a usb drive on the DX either remote to te DX desktop, or launch the dashboard and share the disc.  You should have a popup saying new disc attached

I tried that but I don’t have access to the Drive : /

We found a more round about way ot doing it that’s still exponentially faster than transferring wirelessly. Getting the right cables goes a long way…lol.