Moving Large amount of files


Apologies if I have missed this looking through the threads…

I am trying to copy a number of files full of pictures to WD MyCloud 2TB.

What is the quickest and most efficent way of copying  these too it.??

Thanks for any advise / assistance 


If you are on a gigabit wired Ethernet network, copy through network shares.

If not, your transfer speed might below 5MB/s to the NAS. Then It might be faster to first copy to a USB disk, then attach the disk to the NAS, and copy from the USB to the NAS using WDMyCloud apps. Of course, this makes 2 copies, so you mileage will vary about how much faster this will be eventually.

I`m going to post my issue in this thead because it sounds very very similar.  Sorry if I am hijacking…

I bought a 3 TB MyCloud on Saturday and immediately updated the firmware.   I have it connected to my computer routed through an ASUS RT-N56U gigabit router using two short cat5e cables.   My ethernet adapter on my computer has been confirmed as gigabit.

I started a backup of 1.6 TB from my hard drive using SmartWare and have only backed up 962 gigs since I started 76 hours ago.  This is insane.

SmartWare will not show you transfer speeds but when I check my Win 7 Resource Monitor, it shows that I am transferring at a range of  of 5,000,000 to 10,000,000 bytes/sec.     10 Mbps is pretty bad for a top end, right?

Look, I am an average guy wanting to backup his music, familty videos, and family photos.   I’ve read the first five pages on this forum and have seen postings about “workarounds” etc.   I am not prepared to run scripts and attempt other mods and such.    Am I off base here?  Should I just be returning this MyCloud and looking at something else?   Have I missed a setting in my configuration?

I’ve tried disconnecting the internet from my router to ensure no wireless devices are running and it has no impact on my transfer speed from what I can tell.

Try removing your stuff and running a Full or Quick Factory Restore from the utlitlies menu.

I did this and got 60% improvement in copying speeds.

4TB MyCloud v4 firmware.

what are the lights by the ethernet cable on the back of the mycloud doing?

The bottom green light is solid and always on.  The top green light is flashing  1 to 3 times per second and is then off for roughly 1 second, repeating this sequence.

Hemps, I am now at 1.1 TB of 1.6 TB backed up.   I was going to try to let this finish backing up but I suppose there’s no point.  If it’s this slow, I’ll be returning it.

So wipe it and do a full factory restore?  That was the ticket for you?


The NAS slows to a crawl when a lot of content is ingested, then it digests it (thumbnailing, indexing, cataloging, downsizing, etc). After a couple of days things get back to normal.

Give it a couple of days after the backup completes. Then run a couple of test directly from Windows. Copy large files (a couple of GB) and a funch of small files (eg> music files). Report on the results.

So basically, wait it out?   I can do that given that this is my very first backup, I suppose.   Care to hazard a guess on my upload speed if I want to transfer everything back to a fresh hard drive from the MyCloud once the backup is complete?

I get about 50 - 55 MB/s  on large  files and 30 ish on smaller ones, a 1 GB file takes about 50 seconds, I am on the previous firmware though.

I am having a similar issue transferring around 4TB of data from my Win 7 Pro setup via Gigabit LAN.

I think it took nearly 3 weeks to transfer 2.5 TB at which point I have disconnected it from the LAN and am trying to see if I can connect it directly via the External USB 3.0 port, otherwise it’s going in the bin :-/

You can’t connect the NAS to a computer using the USB 3.0 port, you can only attach an external USB disk to that port.