Moving home and changing Internet


I use my “My Cloud EX2 Ultra” as a backup for all my work files.
In a week or so I’m going to leave my current house and I need to use the NAS as soon possible.
What should I do in order to use it in the same way I’m using it now without loosing the files?
Internet provider and router will change, is there any procedure to follow to make this transition from my old home to my new one as smooth as possible?


Hi, I did it just two weeks ago, the same thing.
It was easy, just I had to replicated the same old IP for my NAS in my old installation router to the new one as a static IP.
In addition, as the gateway of my old router was different than my new one’s, I had to change it as well so that it was the same than in the old one.

I hope this helps

Hi Miguel,

thanks a lot for your answer.
Can you expand a bit more how to do that? It would be really great if you can!



First you have to look up the ip settings of your old router so that you know the ip address of your wdmycloud ex2.

Second, connect you wdmycloud to your new router.

Third, you have to setup the same ip address as a static ip address in your new router for your wdmycloud. In that point, you will have to setup the same gateway if it’s needed.


Hi Miguel thanks a lot for your time.

I also contacted the WD Support and it was even easier.
I just needed to connect it to the new router and then do a soft reset (pressing the reset button for 4 second).

This way the device enters the standard DHCP mode. That’s it! Now I can access it same way as before, even through network mapping that I created in the past to get access on my explorer.


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