Moving From Windows Vista (32 bit) to Windows 8 (64 bit) My Passport is not recognised


I have used a new 1T My Passport with Smartware with my window Vista computer (32 bit) to back it up. I used both the Smartware backup as well as dragging files directly. I then upgraded my computer from Vista OS (32 bit install) to Windows 8 (64 bit install).

Now, the MyPassport is not recognised by my Windows 8  computer as well as other computers I have in my home (with Windows XP 32 bit). Other MyPassports I have are recognised so the problem is not with the computer I assume.

When I connect it I see the light and hear humming, but it is not installed or recognised in the DiskManagement or by the File explorer.

Any help will greatly be appreciated.

Thank you,


Check drive status under device manager. Go to computer management and click device manager. look for universal serial bus controller and check for any yellow triangle. If there is any, you just need to download the wd ses driver.