Moving from WD EX2 to Another NAS

How would one go about transferring all the data form the WD to a new NAS? I’m thinking of moving but the transfer is stopping me. I can’t get 600GB from a USB drive onto my WD without it timing out, weather over the network or direct via USB. So the thought of moving my 3TB to another NAS just doesn’t sound fun.

Anyone know how to transfer with ease, that doesn’t involve me having to shell out for a 3TB external drive?

If it’s not in Raid 0 or Spanning mode you can plug it into a pc & transfer it to wherever you need to. Unless the pc is wireless.

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Forgot to say; you’ll need a EXT4 driver for Windows. You can get it here:

I don’t know about a Mac.

Why not trying to move in smaller increments