Moving from mycloud mirror gen 2 to a mycloud ex2 ultra

following on from an issues i raised in a separate post

i have been advised that its very likely an issue with my current mycloudmirror enclosure as well as one of my disks failing

if i purchase a new mycloud Ex2 ultra enclosure (without disks) can i use my current working 4TB disk and put this in along with a new 4TB disk i have now purchased (see full story in other post re link above)
Can i use the new Ex2ultra unit to rebuild/restore my Raid1 volume to this enclosure and new disk so i keep all my original data but move enclosure and add a new disk
and is there a certain order to do this work on
ie will the new Ex2ultra recognise my single disk first if i just put one disk in or do i need to follow a certain procedure -as my current mycloudmirror is not working, i cant rebuild the raid1volume onto the new drive before moving to the new enclosure

Hello MarkT,

You can refer the link provided below for more information related swapping drives from a My Cloud Mirror to a My Cloud EX2.