Moving Folder from 'WDSync' to 'Public' using

Hi all,

I own the WD My Cloud EX2 Ultra HDD. I’ve just attempted to move a folder from ‘WDSync’ to ‘Public’ to free up some space on my laptop. I used the website platform for that by right-clicking and choosing the ‘Move’ function. A few seconds later, a pop-up notification with a green tick showed indicating the moving has been complete. I then signed out and closed my web browser. The folders then started deleting automatically from my laptop (through ‘WDSync’ application). In the meantime, I got one notification from ‘WDSync’ saying “Unable to sync ‘filename.pdf’”, but the syncing process continued with deleting the files, since they no longer were in my WDSync folder but my public folder. I didn’t do anything and just waited for the process to complete. After everything was synced, I went back to the web browser and logged into My Cloud. I saw that, in the folder where I received the notification of the failure to sync one of the files, 90% of the files of the whole folder went missing. I also tried restoring the folder through the feature on the desktop version of WDSync called “Deleted files” but it did not recover anything but empty folders. This data has a year’s worth of work for me and it would be very sad for me to lose it all over a simple attempt to move folders. I would really appreciate it if anyone has experience with such a problem and can help me recover my data.

While you have posted in the wrong sub-forum, you do understand how WD Sync works, right??

Thanks for that, I flagged my post and created a new topic in the EX2 sub-forum: Moving Folder from 'WDSync' to 'Public' using

I do know the basic concept of WD Sync and the difference between synchronizations and backup and that the former is what I was implementing. Was that what you were aiming to know from your question? If so, I feel my problem is not due to that fundamental misunderstanding but due to a failed ‘Move’ function attempt. I did not delete the folder from my laptop but merely tried to ‘Move’ the folder from ‘WD Sync’ to ‘Public’, after which, the folders started automatically to delete from my laptop.

I saw a few posts about accessing my EX2 Ultra through SSH but I could not understand how since I am not tech savvy. So I was hoping there was a simple way for me to access the deleted files.

@mtantawi I know how WD Sync works, I used it for a while but didn’t like the idea if I deleted something on one device it would also be deleted from the others. Moving a folder or files from WD Sync does the same thing. Copy and Paste would probably been best when wanting to move the same info to Public.

Important WD Sync Note

STOP\ 6%x35 Critical: This folder will now be synchronized with a folder of the same name inside My Cloud storage device. Be aware that data that is deleted on the folder will also be deleted on the My Cloud, while files deleted on the My Cloud WD Sync folder will also be deleted on the computer side as well. This is not a backup software . While the WD Sync does have ways to restore files that have been deleted, caution is advised when deleting data from a synced folder in order to avoid possible data loss .

Yeah I am still shocked as to how this could happen, I was simply moving a folder internally from WDSync to Public. I also see a problem in general with data transfer to or from My Cloud. It’s very slow, you cannot leave the web platform unattended or else it will automatically sign out ‘due to lack of activity’ and it’s glitchy. These kind of things make me trust WD’s products less and when it comes to one’s own data, that’s a major red flag.