Moving files within My Book Live

Hi all,

What is the most efficient method of moving files within a Mybook Live?

Currently it seems to copy the files out and move it back to another directory or share.

Take ages. Surely it’s just changing the tags of a file?!?!

Actually, there is but it requires manipulating /etc/samba/overall_share

Usual disclaimer…  Screw it up and things will stop working.  Might also stop firmware upgrades from working. The user admin to every share by default through this new hidden share. admin will have access to everything so you have to pay a bit more attention to security of your data on your MyBook Live.  Probably why Western Digital didn’t make the facility to access everything like this available by default.

Add the following lines to the top of the /etc/samba/overall_share.

  path = /shares
  comment =
  browseable = no
  invalid users =
  valid users = admin
  read list =
  write list = admin
  map read only = no

 The share name __Shares does not show and is not browsable but it is accessable.  So I would use \\NAS\__ Shares.  There is no need to restart the Samba server.

Now, when you wish to move files between shares then move the files by going to the __Share network resource.

Point of note…  Don’t add, remove or change any folders or files directly under the __Share share because this will quite possibly break the dashboard in some big way, but you should be able to move files between folders (the shares) without the data having to be copied to the computer and then back again.  The Samba server on the MyBookLive should just be able to simply move files and folders on the NAS itself.

Plus, once this tweak is in place then there is less need to do all the folder and file moving within the Lunux root shell so less chance of screwing-up the NAS’s own operating system.

Have tested my solution. Works qute well. Enjoy. :smiley:

Hello,  could something like this be done to the public shares where we can allow only admin to write files and all other users to only read?

Thanks. in advance. 

Interesting, but I admit not understand why it is faster. Could you explained (…again) ?

huotg01 wrote:

Interesting, but I admit not understand why it is faster. Could you explained (…again) ?

If you mount two different “Shares” on your PC, your PC will treat them as two totally independent file systems.

If you try to MOVE files from one share to the other, your PC will actually COPY the files, then DELETE them from the originating share.

If you mount the whole thing as ONE share, then the PC actually just MOVES the file, which is much faster, as no data needs to be transfered.

Could you please clarify the steps to do that mount both as one, please?? 

I still can not see why any user of the Public Shares would be able to do anything but read the files. Could this be changed with a firmware update or could someone please tell me how to do this?  

My solution does what you want. Where the admin user will have access to one single hidden share (Will not show up on the network browser) with all the other shares under the hidden share being represented not as shares, but as simple folders/directories. So when within this single share when you move a file from one directory (aka. share) to another directory (aka. share) then the Samba server simply, internally, moves the file’s refereence within the directory tree but does not do anything with the file on the NAS’s drive because it simply does not need to. So the move happens within a second or so.  :smiley:

Plus, the way WD upgrade routine copies the overall_share so once the edit to overall_share is done then it’s persists between firmware updates.  :smileyvery-happy: