MOVING files vs COPYING files to EX2

I just bought a 16GB EX2 for 2 purposes: 1) to have a double backup of the files on my computer (I have it set up in a RAID configuration) and 2) my laptop is at maximum capacity right now (no additional space on my hard drive) and I do a lot of picture and video editing so I need to recover some space. I’m hoping that it’s possible to take my E drive and MOVE the files to the EX2 to free up some space (which will then be copied onto the 2nd drive) and then continue to sync any new files that I add. If so, can anyone point me in the right direction to be able to do this? I don’t want to delete these files, just move them. All the literature seems aimed at backing up files, not using the EX2 to add storage space. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!!


Please note that a real backup is having the same files on different devices. A copy of your files on your computer and another copy on the EX2.

What you are trying to accomplish, you shouldn’t have any issues with that. But, if for some reason the EX2 fails, you might loose some data.

If you still wanna do this, Just move some of the files to the EX2 and then set the WD Sync app to synchronize your files.