Moving files from WD My Cloud to WD My Book

Hi all

Looking for some advice, I have a really old 3TB WDC My Book drive that I am replacing, I have purchased a WDC 6TB desktop drive instead as I plan to plug this into a RaspberryPi I no longer need the NAS features.

On the NAS I have two shares, Documents and Public. the book NAS doesn’t have a USB slot so I have the drive plugged into the RaspberryPI and mounted as USB. In the same root folder that the USB is is a folder called NAS with the Documents folder mounted.

Is there a simple way to migrate the data from the book drive onto the Desktop drive? I thought about using RSYNC from the Pi but I am getting this error: “rsync: chown “/media/USB/Documents/.” failed: Operation not permitted (1)”

This is using the rsync -av command.

Is there any better way to do this? Or is there a fix anyone can suggest.


The My Cloud DOES have a USB port.

TonyPH12345 the My Book doesn’t have a USB port. Do you have a sugestion to the situation?

You subject says My Cloud. You posted in the My Book Live section so I don’t know which NAS you have.

TonyPH12345 the subject is incorrect, it’s a my book as the text states, what version also shouldn’t matter as either way it needs to be moved via a script due to the size of data involved. The question also states the error it’s giving about permissions which again as it’s moving from a NAS to a desktop drive would surely indicate that the NAS product is actually irrelevant?

As far as I know, you can’t change ownership (chown) on NTFS volumes. I presume that’s how your USB drive is formatted…