Moving Files from the Family Folder

The Family Folder was moved in the July 2019 update so I can only access the folder via the app. How do I move the files in that folder back into the main “files and folder” directly so they are available from Windows Explorer? I can’t seem to do anything with the files in the Family Folder except delete, rename, or add more files. I want access to my files especially since they were moved without my permission. I’ve been patiently waiting for this issue to be fixed but didn’t realize today that I’m basically locked out of my files and can’t even move them to another device.

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It turns out my husband, unbeknownst to all of us since he never uses it, was set up as the device owner. When I signed in using his credentials, the files re-appeared in Windows explorer. Still annoying that we all have to use the same credentials but at least we can access the files again.