Moving files from one internal WDMC share to another takes DAYS?


So, I decided to move all my movies etc. out of the default “Public” share/folder, into a separate folder where I’ll have more control over access and so on.

First tried using desktop app, which won’t allow copying of more than one item at a time, or something to that effect, the error message said.

So, I used native Win explorer and Teracopy - it’s 2.13TB of files -  it seems to treat this like just another file transfer from one disk to another, and is currently indicating a speed of 23 mb/s and an approximate remaining time of “2 days (sic) 00 hours 00 minutes 38 seconds” … ?!?

From previous (non-My Cloud) experience, any other “internal” transfer, i.e. from one folder on one disk to another folder on the same disk, is usually INSTANT - I suppose it’s just some reference gets changed or something. Here, it seems to be actually, slowly, moving data …

Any better way of doing this, or I just got to wait it out ? 


Sophie :smiley:

If you are confortable working with linux and a shell script is quite easy to do. Just performed that today.


  1. Enter the dashboard of the WDMC, and go to Settings - Network and activate the SSH option, this will present you the user and password for login.

  2. With a SSH compatible app (PuTTy for example) enter a connection to the IP address of your WDMC and connect

  3. Once in the shell change to the shares directory   “cd /shares”

Assuming you already have created the destination share in the dashboard

  1. Move the files to the new location       “mv /shares/Public/Shared \Pictures  /shares/myfolder/Pictures”

Just remember linux has a thing for lower or upper case.

This way only takes minutes to perform

Hope it helps

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Thanks for the quick reply - I’m giving it a try, as Teracopy is currently citing, yes, 1227 days to complete!!

I logged in.


cd shares


mv shares/Public/* /shares/mainmtkp/

At the moment, it’s doing … something …

A whole lot of messages saying “mv: preserving permissions for ‘filename’ : Operation not supported”

Most of these seem to be those .mta files, put there by my Samsung TV I think, I’ve been trying to get rid of them but they refuse to be deleted … question for another thread I guess, but couldn’t find anything searching the forum?

Oooppps… browsing in normal Win file explorer now and most of my files are … GONE … recoverable somehow ?

If you’re not comfortable with CLI (command line interface), use SFTP instead of SSH if your concern is only to manage files. Try using SFTP via WinSCP GUI app connect to sftp://wdmycloud:22/.

From your command, the files should have been moved to /shares/mainmtkp/. Have you looked there?

Cool, thanks for the tip on SFTP, checking out it right now!

Yeah, I think I’ve found most my files again, spread around here and there … 

So nothing should actually be lost, even though I Ctrl+C’ed it halfway ? 

What’s with all those weird “permission” messages ? Might do another post on that … 

If you break halfway, the currently moving large file will have the source intact. The destination though might be partial. You can reconfirm by checking files in between the ctrl+c.

Need not worry about the errors you mentioned, the files got transferred only it will not have the exact same permissions as the source eg. owner, group…