Moving files between shares

What is the most efficenat way to move files from one share to tanother?

I was trying to drag + CMD (move file) and it took more then 45 minutes. It looks like the files are being moves via my computer. Can I use a command to make the files move not via my computer?

Same hare pal, I aslo found that moving files to the PC and then back to another share is much faster.

I must say that on the first oportunity I get to back up all the data somewhere, i’ll erase the ‘Download’ share and make it all a ‘Public’ one when I remember to adjust the download setting accordingly.

Why make it public? What do you mean by setting the accordingly?

I mean making the whole drive only one share called Public, the one that is already there and delete the ‘Download’ share.

While doing that, I must make sure that when I use the Ctorrent or HTTP downloader, the files are downloaded to ‘Public’ insted of ‘Download’ since that share is deleted, it must be set in advanced mode, under ‘Storage’.

So what you mean that moving files between shares take more time then moving it between folders inside the same share? Is so, why is that? Is their any utility to make file transfer between the shares inside the NAS so it will deal with that internally to speed up things?

No, What I ment is that its moving files between shares on NAS takes more time that moving files to the PC and then to another share. This is true for very large files. It is very interesting since the oposite should be true.

I think that WD team messed up witrh some code line.

ANy utility that can make the NAS do the job inside rather then thru the machine?

Don’t think so.