Moving files between folders

I am using a mac and am trying to figure out how to move large files between different folders of the Live Hub without copying them back to my computer.  Is there an easy way to do this?  

Basically I organize my library into folders by type of file.  I recently “sync’d” a USB drive with my Live Hub via a direct connection and it copied all of those files into a folder titled “usb_sync.”  I want to now copy my movie files from usb_sync to my Movies folder.  I want to copy my pictures from usb_sync to my Pictures folder, and so on.  The folders usb_sync, Movies and Pictures all exist at the same level of the folder structure which is directly beneath the main WDTVLiveHub folder.  When I try to do either a copy or a move from my mac it seems like the system tries to copy the files to my local Mac first.  Considering I have ~200GB of data to move in all I don’t want to do that.

Think you can move files within the hub by  moving cursor over files you want to move, pressing options and you should see something like “move”  

I am on mac, too. And I have done this several times.

Just do it the way you would normally move files thru the Finder.

Open the WDHUB folders from the FINDER, locate your file. Open another Finder window, open the WDHUB-folder, locate your destination. Simply drag and drop the file you want to move from your source to destination. The odd thing is that while performing the task, the Finder might report that it is “copying files”, this is untrue !! It will simply MOVE the file from one folder on the HUB to another folder. Since this actually does not involve any moving of data, but simply changes the HDDs registry of where the data should be, it only takes a few seconds, perhaps as high as 20-30 secs, depending on your network connection to your HUB…