Moving data within Western Digital My Book Live

Good morning,

I have a Western Digital 1TB My Book Live. Within it I have multiple shares. I need to move data from one share to another, but when I copy and paste, the speed is very slow, barely reaches 100kb/seg. I get the impression that they are not interpreted in the same hard disk and what it does is to send it over the network. Is there any way you could move data inside the hard drive itself, through shared resources, such as if you moved within the team itself for fast?

Thanks, greetings.

Please remember that data transfer will depend on network conditions and router performance.

You can try connecting the drive directly to the computer to transfer data at faster speeds.

I do not believe it should do that, unless you have two shares mounted/map and you are dragging and dropping from one to the other.

Try to open the one share, such as connecting to the /public and do all operations within the same.

If that still fails, you could try to enable SSH and do it manually. You will need Debian Linux commands.

I would go ahead and connect via SSH if anything just to diagnose. Login and try to move the said files and see how the speed goes. If its normal (fast), then you might have a network issue with your computer connection to the MBL.