Moving data to new NAS

I have one office with an existing PR2100, it has all the shares and data on it for a law firm. The law firm is moving to a new office and they bought a new PR2100. the old PR2100 is not moving to the new office, 2 lawyers are splitting off into separate practices. whats the best way to make an exact copy of the old NAS to the new one so that i don’t have to recreate all the shares and move the data folder by folder? this was my idea please let me know ASAP if it will work:

setup the new array, make sure the firmware is the same on both devices
take 1 disk from the old array and install it in the new array, rebuild the raid1 (mirror)

once complete, put the new blank disk into the new array and rebuild the raid1 again

as long as the two drives don’t end up on the same network, they should be identical copies, right?

is there another way that’s better?

I doubt it will work automatically.
AFAIK, the new box will see a used disk and ask to wipe it before allowing it to be used in the raid.
However if you’re familiar with mdadm you can do the operations manually and then it will work.

The main problem is your system database containing users, shares and settings. You have to match them on both boxes… it’s a MySQL db (there’s an app for it in the wd app store). I guess you can export all settings there.
I believe the web UI may have an ‘export settings’ section you could use as well.

Only after you’ve matched the database I’d start moving data. Make sure that auto-rebuild is disabled!
For more info, I suggest you call support.