Moving data from dir to dir

Moving 150GB (videos) from one directory to another directory on my 4TB MyCloud will take 8 hours according to Windows 7. I am (still) on a 10/100 mbps router is that the answer or is moving 150GB of data just take that amount of time?

When you are moving data from one folder to another on a NAS like this. the computer is connecting to the drive, so any type of file transfers are sent to the computer for processing and then sent back to the drive, that is why it will take a long time to transfer data.

If you use the WD My Cloud desktop application, it will move files without round-tripping. Much, much quicker.

Yep… Moving from SHARE to SHARE will involve the PC, moving from FOLDER to FOLDER (within the same share) is almost instantaneous.

And Doug’s suggestion is spot on… Use the app to do that and it’s much faster.

thanks, I will use the WD desktop app to move the data.