Moving Backup Plan to New Drive

I have a 1T WhiteLight. I want to move my Backup Plan to a different drive. (Sorry if this should go to “memeo” but I decided to start here.)

Is there a way to move The Plan so I don’t have to go through the entire initial backup again? I looked through the cirrent plan setting but didn’t see a way to do that. I know I would have to copy the curent plan to the new drive buut I figure that would be faster than an initial backup. I could use a server system that is up 24-7 to do the copy and free up the laptop.

I also would shut down the plan on my laptop until the change was complete and then let it “catch up” after the move.

Thaanks for any advice,


Sorry not familiar with memeo have you tried searching on

I gave up on the Memeo WD Anywhere Backup software shortly after I posted this. So I guess it no longer applies. It was just to convoluted for me. I went searching and found a free backup program that is much easier, more stable, and faster than WD Anywhere Backup. I’ll never go back to Memeo. Bob