Moving a SD image to a Project partition


I have a chipKIT image with a development image that I would like to run from the PI drive. Does someone have a procedure for moving a SD card image to a PI drive Project partition and making it bootable?


Hi, you can’t directly transfer an image on an SDcard to the PiDrive Foundation Edition, but you may be able to install your app of interest onto Raspbian in the Project Space.

Some background for viewers: WD PiDrive Foundation Edition products features the option to install “Project Spaces” which are partitions set up on the drive with Raspbian Lite installed. This enables multiple independent command-line-based projects to be created on the drive, effectively replacing the stack of sdcards with individual projects.

Back to topic: I did a very quick search on “chipKIT Raspbian” and found this discussion providing instructions on how to install “MPIDE” on Raspbian
I’m not familiar with chipKIT or MPIDE, but it appears that this discussion might be relevant to what you want to do. There are a lot of added comments to the original post- problems and solutions, etc.

Hopefully others can provide more specific info.



It’s a bummer that existing images can’t be moved to the PiDrive. It would be a lot more useful.

I’d like to add it as a feature request.


Hi, thanks for the input, I agree this would be very useful. I don’t have an outlook on when we could pursue this solution, though. Ideally, some hero in the community could go after it (faster and better than we could).



Be forwarned that the WD PiDrive Foundation Edition doe not allow for the use of the complete included USB drive that was included with the Compute Kit. I finally setup my Drive and it’s 5 project spaces with Raspbian in the Main, and apparently Raspbian Lite in each of the 2 x8gb, 2 x16gb, and 1 x32gb spaces… thus leaving >300 gb unused and unavailable. I also ended up with the Lightning Bolt power issue that has corrupted my access to any boot space. It was a very frustrating week, only to be wiped away by a “high resistance usb cable” that was included with my kit.

During my subsequent reimage attempt besides the 5 spaces

I am looking for a way to test the integrity of the PiDrive that got wiped/corrupted last night.