Moving a MyBookLive to another LAN

I will be staying in another location for a few weeks, taking my laptop, and would like to take my drive with me so backups continue etc. What settings would I have to change? The drive is currently plugged into a router at home and would be plugged into a different router at the new location.

No additional settings beyond finding the IP address that the new router will assign to your WD My Book Live. As an alternative, you are also able to connect your WD My Book Live straight to the Ethernet port of your computer.


Do you need a special cross-over patch cable or will just a normal cable suffice for the direct connect? I’ve not had any luck getting my My Book Live 2TB to be recognized on the new LAN. I have two of them and they were working fine on the old network but on the new network, nothing. The employee who originally set them up isn’t with the company any more so I can’t go tap him on the shoulder.

I have connected the MyBookLive drive and my laptop to the new network . The backup seems to be working, as I was able to delete and retrieve a file I had created while on the new network. However when I try to use Windows Explorer to look at file shares, when I try to expand the MyBookLive icon it gives me a login window. However I can’t login with my admin password. I can login in with my admin password when I use my browser to connect to MyBookLive.

Do I have to do something to tell Windows Explorer the drive is at a new ip address?

I am running Windows XP on an IBM/Lenovo T43.

Looking at the image, when my pointer is anywhere outside the connect window, its an hourglass.

Note added on 9/8:

I reassigned my T43 Laptops microsoft network workgroup from “Stallard” to “Workgroup” so it would be in the same group with the MyBookLive drive. Now when I click on the MyBookLive icon in Windows Explorer I get a login window with user “admin”. I can login and see all the folders & files. Problem solved!

For some reason I didn’t need to do that on the old network.