Moviesheets with ThumbGen

I am new to owning a media player. I am currently going back and forth on getting a plus or a hub. I see that there is all sorts of hacks to get the plus to work but I am not very good at that sort of thing so I am looking into the hub. I want to get something where I can store all of my kids blu-rays and dvd’s. They are always laying all over the place getting trashed.

I have created TS files (each movie is labeled and containes both video and audio ts folders). I have gone though Thumbgen and after a few hours figured out how to create moviesheets for each movie. These are saved to the same movies folder and all share the same name. If I drag that entire folder into the hub or external attached drive will the Hub see these files (Jpg of the cover, .IFO sheet and tgmd)? or is there some sort of hack/mod that needs to be done on this as well?


Follow the steps in this WD KB article.

Also check the posting in the Theme section

lots of theme mods for the hub that is allowing movie sheets from thumbgen

Alo make sure you are using the latest version of thumbgen as it is the only version that can generate HUB xml and sheets