Moviesheets - I am so confused

So I really like this box but one of my biggest gripes is that all of the generated meta files are stored ON my NAS…thus really adding a lot of muck to my folder structure.

So I got to reading about moviesheets that we can generate ourselves - but with all of my searching I cannot find WHERE these moviesheet files are stored…

Are they stored ON the device?  (NOT on the NAS)…

If that’s the case it would be awesome to setup all the meta files needed internal to the device - or heck, let me store them all on my NAS but in a seperated folder…

Someone please point me in the right direction here - very frustrated :frowning:

Thanks in advance!


The SMP device itself has no storage space so they are stored on the NAS or on an attached USB hard drive just like the meta files which currently add “muck to your folder structure”.  In fact moviesheets will add even more muck because not only will there be the xml file that is already there, now there will be another jpg file as well which is the moviesheet plus if you are using Thumgen to create your sheets, you should also have it create a tgmd file for each movie.  These are very useful if you want to change themes then you dont need to go through all the hassle of re-creating new moviesheets to fit the new theme.

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Ok thanks for the clarification…

So what is the consensus about how a large library should be organized?

I am very a-n-a-l about how I keep my files and folder structure, and if I go turn on the fethcing of metadata you can only image my horror on a 21 TB server :slight_smile:

I have 27 folders for movies (#, A, B, C, etc) and each folder holds individual movie files.

I was thinking each movie should then have it’s own folder?  Would that be the best way to go?  Then each folder has it’s own “muck” and it wouldn’t look TOO outta wack…

Thoughts about the best way to go about using the “pretty features” of this wonderful device?!?!

What does everyone esle do?

I was thinking each movie should then have it’s own folder?


‘Standard’ Moviesheets won’t display for folders

JoeySmyth wrote:

‘Standard’ Moviesheets won’t display for folders


Correct, but he could still use folder.jpgs for the folders, and moviesheets for the movies.  Each person is different, but I have each movie in its own folder with