MovieSheets don't work from WHS with Twonky

Hi all, I have a Windows Home Server with Twonky-Server running which is my mediaserver (TV-Shows and Movies).

Now my problem is to get movie-sheets especially from the TV-Shows (stored on the WHS) working on my WD TV Live Hub. But I have no idea how to do this. :cry:

Is there anybody who have a little clue or a little workaround for me to get this solved?

If I connect via network to my WD TV Live Hub I see there a folder named .wd_tv. In this folder there is a subfolder named thumbs… is it possible to put the moviesheets in this folder to solve my problem? Do I have to regard a specific folder structure to get it working or is this not the correct way to get my problem solved?

Thx a lot!

Hi there, the best I can suggest you is to try one of the Hub themes with moviesheets on network shares…

I don’t think what you’re describing is possible via Twonky.

Gallery View contents a/k/a Movie Sheets only works via local storage or network shares.