Moviesheets and thumngen

I am having trouble getting moviesheets/thumbgen to work I can generate the thumbs, info etc but what I would like it to be able to do is show me the covers on the bottom and movie the info in the background. I have tried different themes, changing settings and had no luck at all. I know that I am missing a setting or not doing something right, and have been trying for the better part of 10 days. I have watched countless videos, and read tons but still cant get it. Is it because if have a Live Hub? I really need  step by step help, if its already posted somewhere that I have not found can someone send me the link…thanks inadvance…

Have you tried joey’s theme?

i think it does what you want …

just generate the moviesheets with his template.

Try moving all of your movie files at the root of your category folder.







The Dilemma.mkv

Pineapple express.avi

Then, when you use a program for Metadata editing such as WDTV Hub Gen found on this forum, the XML and JPG used to populate Metadata will be saved in the said directory and your covers and descriptions will appear like you want. see picture .

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What do u mean move movies to root?
Can u tell me how to do it .
It’s doing my head in

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Thanks the issue was that I had ran a batch file and had all the movies in their own folders Once i removed them from that and put them in 1 folder the system would work. my family thanks you !