Moviesheet Themes vs. Non Moviesheet Themes

Hello Folks. I read a lot about theming in this forum. But one thing is that a dont understand. What is the advantage or disadvantage of a movisheet theme e.g. extremedigital themes vs. non moviesheet themes e.g. Mojo.

I dont want to discuss the visual differences, but i want to know if there are differences in the speed, compatibility or things like e.g moviesheet themes are easier to create with ThumbGen or so on…

The real difference is that with one you have to have all the films in the same folder, and the other you can have them organised by folder.

I use the moviesheet dummy file method because I finally have everything srted into folders and I dont want to remove. Aside from that I cant see any difference except perhaps with the non moviesheet versions you dont have to click ok on the film to see the moviesheet, the info just pops up above as you scroll.

Its just a question of prefs, but if you want your movies organised in folders then for the moment moviesheet is the one to go for.

Just to correct SilverConfused a little.  With the non-moviesheets themes, you don’t HAVE to have them in the same folder, it’s just best to have them organized so that you have a bunch in the same folder (eg: having the same genre in one folder) to gain the visual effect for the Trickle View, at least for Mojo.

But it is really a matter of preference, and a question of how you want the HUB to look more than speed.

Hmmm, understand so far.

But one thing is strange for me.

If using the Mojo theme i should best organize my files in a couple of genre folders to keep a clean structure and all the visual effects working.

E.g. 5 genres with 1 movie in every genre folder -> all visual effects working…

5 movie folders -> named the same like the movie -> with 1 movie in each folder -> all visual effects are NOT working.

Am i right, or do i have a mistake in these example above?

with moviesheet themes, you don’t have to  necessarily organise your movies per folders.

especially with the widesheet themes.

You can try the listview or gallery view. It depends on your choice.

but listview is much faster than gallery view…

To get the Trickle effect for MOJO you’ll want something like this:

ACTION (folder)

   Die Hard.mkv

   Die Hard 2.mkv

   Die Hard 3 - Die Hard with a Vengence.mkv

   Die Hard 4 - Live Free Die Hard.mkv


That will give you the visual effect like the 3rd Pic HERE.  If you have each movie in it’s own seperate folder, then you will still have the Trickle effect, but you will lose the visual effect, because you can’t have reflections for folder icons, and folders will not display backdrops, metadata or the larger thumbnail next to the movie info.