Moviesheet problems in Mojo :(

I checked Thumbgen, and it is correct.

I opened the .XML folder for the episode and this is what I have

2x01 - Swiss Miss_sheet.jpg

The image exists in the same folder as the movie. I don’t particularly care about the folders, but it seems weird the sheet backdrop isnt working :confused:

Have you got your Live Hub Networked ?

Moviesheets on older firmwares need network a connection to display moviesheets

even if your sheets are on a local hdd.

This was resolved in Firmware 3.03.13

•Resolved movie backdrops do not display without network connection or after network disruption.

only other suggestion

clear your media library  and power cycle

Yes, it is connected to the network and internet.

I’m running an older firmware as I read that the newer ones didnt allow the PNG rename trick so I’m running an older version.

I’ll give the library a trick. I also read about setting photo settings to fade and 5min? Also, I should be on Gallery view?

Yes, standard Moviesheets only work in Gallery View   (Linksheets work in every View)

Yes, Transparent Pngs no longer display after Firmware 2.07.17

Yes, Fade-5min is fine

Just thought of something …

You’re only using the JPG to PNG trick for THUMBNAILS only right ?

Because the trick Does Not work for Moviesheets !    (Only ‘Linksheets’ can be PNG)

If you want a good screen shot for posts here you can do this:

Setup: Operation:Remote Settings:

Then select a Button for Screenshot. Makes things easier for others to see here. :slight_smile:




Like these


That doesn’t work for taking screenshots of the Gallery view because it doesn’t show the backdrop in the screenshot.


You need to update your firmware to 2.07.17.  If memory serves me, local backdrops did not work in 2.05.08, and you should also be using this version of Mojo:

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Yep, I tried doing a screenshot that way, wouldn’t work. So had to bust out the high pixel camera phone XD

I think that might be the issue, I updated to a newer firmware in the 2.x range and after rerunning Thumbgen they sort of started appearing.

Thank you for that link, I think I also got confused between versions of Mojo and wasn’t sure I was using the right one. I’ll give 1.12.01 a try and see if works.


Okay, I think I almost got it. Tried the newer version and now the backdrops are showing like the pictures. My only problem left is, regardless of what I put into Thumbgen or the XML file, it’s not displaying the Year.

For kicks I change some text in the desciption inside theXML and that updated okay. Even the XML file has the date. I made sure to use yyyy.MM.dd. 

Anything I could possibly be doing wrong?

The date is in there as below, but still doesn’t show…


Are you clicking the little “check mark” to transfer the info you manually entered into the final sheet that will be generated?

Yes. I upgraded to Thumb 1.13 I think it was, and that solved the Actor/Genre thing somehow. Everything is perfect except the date! It looks awesome.

The date in the XML is shown as 2011.07.10 

For the year, you have to set in TG options, General tab, Custom Date format = yyyy-MM-dd.

You also need to make sure that in the Input/Ouput Naming tab, Movieinfo export, dropdown box = Export using WDTV Live Hub format (DO NOT use Export using WDTV Live Hub format (new fw), except for TV shows).

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That was it Tin, I figured it out looking at your test sheets and noticed they had hyphens instead of periods. Once I changed that, it appeared right away. Looks awesome now.

Thank you all for your help! :slight_smile:

Wanted to throw one last question here, or should I create a new one?

Anyhoo, I did some searching on the forums, and I read I cannot use moviesheets for Folders. For example

I have 

 TV Series

     Season 1

     Season 2

     Season 3

The box art shows up fine for all seasons, and it has blank metadata at the top for each one. Is it possible to change the metadata? I tried folder.xml etc… but no luck, and assuming I’ve pieced together the information, there’s no way to change it. Also, the film reel at the left of metadata I’m assuming can’t be changed either. No worries if they can’t, as it looks awesome as is. Just that final finishing touch that’s eye-popping.


You could try my Metadata for Folders *trick*


Rename your “Folder” by adding a video file extension eg.

From this:  Season 1

To This    :  Season 1.avi   (can be anything … mkv,wmv etc)

TV SHOWS [Main Folder]

Dexter.avi [Sub Folder which contains subfolders for Season 1,2,3 etc]

Dexter.xml [edit the xml eg. Dexter & The Complete Series


Inside the Dexter.avi [Sub Folder]

Season 1.avi   ------------- This is the Folder that Contains all episodes for Season 1

Season 1.xml  edit the xml eg. Season 1 & The Complete Season 1

Season 1.jpg   

P.S. This ‘trick’ will only display Metadata … it won’t display the Moviesheet.  (Only Linksheets will display for Folders)

I’ll give that a try again. That was the information I found, but I didn’t have any luck with it.

So in my case:

I have

 TV SHOWS (I really don’t care about the metadata here)  [have Archer.xml file in this directory?]

     Archer (renamed this to Archer.avi) [Season 1.xml goes here?]

          Season 1  -> (Rename this to Season 1.avi) 

Correct me if I’m thinking about it wrong.

Yep! That was it, I think I had the right idea, just wrong hierarchy for the XML and naming conventions. That looks like what I wanted. 

Out of curiosity, when i select a file name, the title flashes momentarily the file name, before displaying the title. Any way to get rid of that? Or is that just the way it works.

Not on that FW verson.  The newer FW versions do, but then you can’t use .png/.jpg trick for the coverart.

Works for me, I can live with that 1s flash vs losing the art. Loving the theme!!!

Now to do moviesheets for the other thousand items I have… Thank you again!


Out of curiosity, when i select a file name, the title flashes momentarily the file name, before displaying the title


in the movie/tv show xml edit eg.  Watchmen    to   <!title!>Watchmen<!/title!>

doing this will disable the filename ‘flash’ but be aware this will also display the full file extension.



**(**disabling the title tag for hundreds of files is easily done which a batch renamers. eg. textrep … and it only takes a few seconds.)




Firmware 2.X, is it a custom  firmware? I juste bought my wd tv live and I updated himself to 3.10.11… :frowning:

Do I need to downgrade?