Movies stutter over wired network one minute after I hit play


Like the title states, Movies stutter over wired network one minute after I hit play.

I’m sure it’s a configuration bug, since most people don’t have this problem.

it happens on below L4.1 movies (SD and HD) contained in a MKV.

read from USB is OK.

I have wired WDTV Live as well and am facing the same issue trying to playback MKV files over the network. The show/movie will pause the audio will continue to play and then once the picture is back it runs in fast forward until its in sync with the ongoing audio.

At first I though it was to do with the size of the MKV but when I played a smaller sized file the problem still persisted.

I am currently on Firmware .11, any help or tweaks would be truly appreciated.


I have exactly the same issue - have logged it with WD and get useless responses in terms of support.

I have updated the firmware as well - to the 1.0.11 version - didnt make any difference though.

again - always with MKV files.

 I had a similar issue with an XBOX XBMC on a wired network. I tested my network and all cables showed correct on the tester. I had two homemade patch cables that didn’t have pins 3 & 6 reversed. Your network will connect but it will stutter on video and audio files occasionally.

  I have since replaced/repaired all my cabling and the problem is eliminated. Thsi might be too obvious but it’s worth looking into to eliminate as a variable.

i have replaced the router, the cables and also the powerline adapters. Have sourced the video files from the NAS as well as my Windows Media center - all with no success.

The only ‘comon denominator’ is the WDTV LIVE device…!

Its about time WD acknowledged the issue as I have seen at least 5 or 6 people post this issue now, we cant all have dodgy cables or routers…

I just bought the WD Live today and ma running the latest firmware and MKV files all stutter over the wired network, all other HD content in other formats are working fine.   Has anyone found a fix for this?

Has anyone figured out a solution to this?  I don’t believe it’s a network issue for me either.


Sorry, it was the cable on that particular run that was the problem.  When I put the cap on, I switched up the Green and White/Blue.  Everything now is working perfectly.