Movies stop playing on WD TV Live w/ 1TB WD mybook essential

hi all

was wondering if anyone has come across this issue or has any ideas on how to fix, for some reason when playing video files (ive only tried .AVI’s) from my WD HD the movies crash/stop about 5 mins into the movie, ive tried 2 different HD’s both Lacie and its worked fine!

I dont get it, what could be wrong with the HD if it allows me to transfer files without any hassles, also just updated to the latest firmware, tried different USB cables and the both ports on WD TV.

Any thoughts appreciated.



I have exactly the same setup (except that my MyBook Essential is 2TB) and unfortunately… the very same problem:

Western Digital, please HELP!!


Welcome to the forums.

After a firmware update you should always reset the Live back to the factory defaults (option on the settings menu) as well as unplugging it while it’s on and not plugging it back in for 10 minutes or so.