Movies showing double

Tried the search but could not really find an answer.

When i turn on the hub (from standby) it will show me all movies twice and also movies which i have deleted already.guess there should be a list where they are still mentiuoned so that they are showing up.when i completely rboot allshows well.

can someone gimme a hint whereto look?


  1. Did you use the sync feature?

  2. Are you using internal and external drives?

  3. Do you see double when you access the drives from your PC?

  4. try removing the power chord from the back for 5 seconds and reinsert. It will power on by itself and the front light will start to blink[compiling]. Leave it on the home screen till blinking is done, then check and see if you still see double?

i use my 500gb extrnaldisk to copy across my movies (since netwerk does not work) but do not use sync.just copy them.

I also did my pictures and homemovies but then my movie list was really really hudge so i trashed them again… some of those movies are sometimes still showing…

  1. no

  2. im rebooting completely and then all is good but if put it to standby and wake up then its showing again…


When you “copy” from Ext.HDD to Int.HDD do you then unplug the Ext.HDD. Copy would mean 2 versions which means the Hub would see the copy still on the Ext.HDD and the copy on the Int.HDD which would mean duplicates.

yes after copy i disconnetct the external