Movies from passport could not be played!

Hi! I just bought my WD passport 500gb. And i saved my movies  there. But when I plug it in my dvd player. My dvd player cant seem to find my passport. But when I use my 2gb flash drive my dvd player could easily detect those movies.

Please help!

Perhaps your DVD player requires the format to be FAT instead of NTFS?

hmmm… if so how could i fix this? should i buy a new player or I could fix my passport first? thank you for replying to my post by the way

If that is, indeed, the reason, then you can just re-format the disk on your PC using the proper format type.

Make sure you consult your player’s documentation first. 

Reformating is a simple, fast process, but it will wipe the drive clean…

Ok. I will try it first. Thank you!