Movies fast-foward for no reason?


Hey all, I have a WDTV Live with a portable hard drive for storage. I’ve noticed on a couple of .mp4 movies it will get some way in (maybe 20-30 mins), and then it will suddenly start playing in fast-forward (with no sound). Nothing I press on the remote will resume normal play speed, and the info bar at the bottom won’t show any time stamp. I can’t even skip 10 mins forward or back to resolve the problem. I need to press ‘home’ and start playing the movie again, but the same thing happens each time. I thought the files might be corrupted, or might have been corrputed when copying from the PC, but when I delete them from the portable HD and move them over from the PC again, the same problem occurs. The files play fine on the PC. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what the problem might be? Rewey


i have a few mp4s that have the same exact behaviour.

only workaround that i know is to extract the video and audio streams with yamb/mp4box into a temp folder…

then create a new mp4 file by adding the extracted audio and video streams…