Movies display darker

I’m not sure if it’s just me, but has anybody noticed streaming movies seem to display darker through the WD than from regular DVD or streaming on the computer?  I watched one streamed movie on my PC through netflix and the display was just fine.  I stopped the stream and continued watching it through my WD TV Live Hub.  The quality of video was fine, but the scenes all looked a lot darker, almost like bootlegged VHS quality dark (if anybody remembers those days).  I would think it would be a setting on my TV, but movies played through my cable modem appear fine.  I have a decent Internet connection and my Live Hub is directly connected to a 10/100Mbps switch (connected to my cable modem), so I don’t think the Internet quality is causing this.  This is the same for Blockbuster as well as Netflix.  I would say it would be a problem with the streaming company, but like I said, the picture brightness seems fine on my computer. 

Just wondering if anybody else experiences this, or if it’s just me and maybe I need a new HDMI cable or something.


Keep in mind that NetFlix uses different “Transcodes” for different devices.   So they data they send your PC will be different than the data they send to the WDs which will be different than a TiVo, etc. etc.

Do NON-NETFLIX media files play normally?

No, this happens with rented Blockbuster movies too.

I haven’t tried ripping a DVD and putting it on the WD to see if it’s an HDMI issue or something, but home videos stored on the device seem to be ok.