Movies Covers

Has any one got any idea how I can show the imformation of the movie content in the folder as in media browser twonky allows it with a jpeg picture but I am unable to load twonky media as i have the later firm ware as told by WD

A firends my book live shows the details.

Ive noticed afterthe latser firmware update its i some how showing a screen shot from out of the movie instead of picking the Folder content of a jpeg under 60 kb of a dvd front cover.

You can switchback to the twonky media server at any point you’d like via a file update through the dashboard. Your receivers might also be the problem for example, In my home I can see tiles from files on my smart tv in the living room but on my other not so smart tv located in the garage I use a ps3 to stream movies and there’s no icon it just shows the name of the file which is an ovbious limitation on the PS3. Look at what kind of equipment your friend has and maybe ask him if he tweaked his MBL.