Movies buffering from MBL streaming

My gear :
TP link 4300 (n750)
LG 55la7408(740s/v)

All connected wired.
When playing movie 35MBps/s bit rate movie buffering and tv loading. Is this MBL problm?

Hi there and welcome to the WD community.

Try to restart the drive to see if after the restart you van stream normally to the TV. Did you have this problems before or is this the first time you use it for DLNA.

First of all. Yes it is MBL problem.

The second one. 35 MBps is enough for viewing even 3DBD ISO without lags.

Do you have allways buffering or sometimes playback interrupted/stoped?

Did you notice MBL falls web access during the “buffering”

Yokull wrote:

First of all. Yes it is MBL problem.

You don’t have nearly enough info at hand to jump to such a conclusion.

It’s also not clear if the TV is able to play such high bit-rate files   Is it within their listed capabilities?  My old LG 55LX6500 couldn’t stream anything above about 25Mbps even though it wasn’t using WiFi.

My new Samsung 55H7150 has no problems with the same files.  It is also wired.