Movies and TV Shows dissapeared (WD TV Live)

I switched on my box the other day to find that my WD TV Live was not showing certian tv episodes, 22 in a season stopped at episoded 17 and another series 18 also on both my hardrives 1 external and one internal (both connected to my main computer) my moives have dissapeared.  on the computer all the files are there and everything plays fine but on my WD TV Live the internal drive stops at the letter “D” and then begins at the letter “I” missing out on alot of movies also on the external i get some movies  beginning with “D” and that goes up to “I” before i get them back

ive tried deleting the .WD_TV folder, moving the files to new directorys and also updated to the  latest firmware and still nothing.

Anyone have any ideas?


The only thing that has changed in my system recently is i downloaded some new windows updates including SP1

i am running Win 7 64Bit and my WD TV Live is connected with cat-5 cable.