Movie transfers

Can I first hi to everyone. HI

I am a newbie not only to this site but also to the wd book world white light. I bought this as it was recommended by a PC world rep. Can someone tell me the best way to transfer movies from my laptop, (what soft ware will I need). to the wd and also is it possible to turn of the white light.

Please keep any response simple to understand as I am definitely NOT good with computers.

thank you


I’ve been using a Freeware tool (no longer supported) called CopyFile and a freebie from Microsoft called RichCopy. I have to do some funky mapping to get RichCopy to do what I want, but afer that it works well, CopyFile works great, but every file copy has to be setup individually (no multifile drag and drop, or sellect whole directory options). I end up using CopyFile for one shot copies (not too common for me) and RichCopy for batch copying (I mirror my directory structure from the MBWE on a local drive, move files to the appropriate spot locally, then use RichCopy to move any files in the local structure to the MBWE).

I’d love to have a better tool!

  holdoa has mentioned some tools that can be quite useful - I’ve used both myself in the past…

  However, you don’t NEED any special tools at all to do what you want to do…

  I assume you’re using Windows?

  If you are then the easiest option for you is to install the WD Discovery tool from the accompanying CD, then use that tool to map the network drives from the device to your local computer.

  Once you’ve done that you can copy-paste or drag-drop files to those mapped drives just as you would any other drive on your system.

  Hope that helps!

  Oh! And yes, you can turn the enclosure off quite safely, though honestly that mostly defeats the purpose of a NAS device… The power button on the back can be pressed and held for 2 to 4 seconds to both power the device off and on.