Movie title error from Metadata?

Hey guys so I added Pride and Prejudice movie to my WDTV Live, hit get info, and now the title says:  “Pride & Prejudice” instead of Pride and prejudice or with an “&”…     Why is that " & " code there?.
How to correct the title?

Thanks !

& is HTML shorthand for the & character itself.

Looks like the TMDB DB is messed up for that title, or the WDTV isn’t interpreting it correctly itself.

Here’s what you do.

Go COPY the XML and metathumb (or jpg) files of that move to a safe place.

Then, go into the WDTV UI, scroll to that movie, hit OPTIONS – CLEAR CONTENT INFO.

It will briefly do some rescanning.

Now go back to your PC, open the XML file with “Notepad”, and fild the & and just replace it with &.

Then copy the XML and metathumb (or jpg) file BACK to where it was before.

Reboot your WDTV.


Ok thanks!

I did exactly what you described, and it almost solved the problem.

The weird part is that now when I’m selecting the movies, it shows the name of the file for a second first (pride.and.prejudice.2005.etc etc .mkv)  and then it changes to whatever I put in the xml file, which is the correct title, and shows the extra info.

It doesn’t bother me that much now but it’s still and odd behavior.

Anyone know why would that happen?, since the folder and file structure for that movie is the same that for all the others I have?

Thanks again!

Yeah, it didn’t reimport the XML correctly.

what you can try now is to make a small change to the filename.  Really ANY small change.  Change a capital to lower case or vice versa…  Do the same change to all three files (movie, XML, and cover art) And the rescan the folder.

Thank you!!

Now it works perfectly!