Movie Thumbs are nice, but my HDD is full of thumbs files and folders! Also: requests

Hi WD Community, i bought me the WDTV LIVE Streaming Player,

nice but i have some wishes  and Problems !

  1. I let the WDTV automaticly download the thumbpictures vor my movies. Worked fine. But now my HDD is full of folders and hundrets of files where the movies are located.

Is it possible to sort all of them into only one folder ??

  1. I read somewhere already but it would be cool if you can make the zoom work automaticly. Like my older Emtec Movie Cube did.  There was an option for auto Fill.  zooming only to 1.2x is not enough.   Please Add automatic Fill function or 1.3, 1.4, 1.5, 1.6 zoom options.

3. Programable Remote Control.  I thought the Remote Controll could be programed ? But only things i can do is to add some shortcuts for Video, Music, Foto … Thats all ?

I prefer to add some functions like adding “zoom” to a key. So i can zoom in my movie with the “0” key. That would be cool.

  1. Wouldnt be a Webbrowser cool ? So i could watch videos from my country that is not included by WD.  I think the WD TV Live SMP is a nice tool, but much things are missing to make life easier and make it to the Top Streaming Player ever !  ( for example see D-Link Boxee box, with nice remote and webbrowser ! :wink: )

5.  Apple Air Play would be an Amazing feature ! omg !! :) 

Please make that happen, i know it is possible to do. So make our life easier and the customers happier :wink:

  1. No

2 - 4.  Check the SMP Ideas forum: