Movie Thumbnails missing

Hi Guys, newbie of 24 hours !

I’ve read various threads about creating folder.jpg etc. Been through the pdf manual and still can’t find an answer.  Am I missing something here - do we have to create a jpeg for evry movie we’ve got, then rename it and put that AND the movie in a ‘named’ folder ?

I ask because having migrated from Plex, that automatically gets the thumbnail from the meta source. So in gallery view I would expect the DVD cover shot + synopsis and maybe even actor details etc.  Excuse me if that’s not possible with WDTV, but there seem to be hints that this should be the case, but I cannot (after many hours of seacrhing) find the answer

background - have the latest firmware, have let it scan all the files, have got everything ON that seems to be logical. I’m streaming from a Mac network shared drive, with read & write access, and movies play fine, as do the previews in relevant view. All I get when in the VIDEO section is a cartoon outline of a folder and the title

If it’s not possible, my apologies, but I suspect I’m just doing something wrong




   welcome to the forum!

WD summarise the behaviour of folder thumbnails in the following article -​42/~/how-to-show-thumbnails-on-a-wd-tv-(all-model…).

What most people round here do is ‘prep’ the WDTV with static images rather than relying upon the devices built-in meta-scraper. Easiest way by far to do that is to use Thumbgen. This can be used in conjunction with a Theme that allows you to have a look +feel different to the standard Mochi theme.

In general the following rules apply about thumbnails for most themes:-

  1.  A thumbnail for a folder can be set with installing a folder.jpg in that folder. It is recommended to keep the size of the JPG at or below 60KB

  2. A Thumbnail for a video file (.g. ‘The Great Escape.mkv’) can be set by creating a file with the same name, but a JPG extension e.g. ‘The Great Escape.jpg’

The WDTV can generate its own pictures and  synopsis, but you have to be connected to the Internet and have Content Info set to Auto. The legibility of the synopsis text is a bone of contention for some (TinWarble has addressed that with his Mojo theme) and you have no control over the choice of images. Also some of the more obscure (i.e. non US) movies may not be picked up. Also for films with the same name it may ‘guess’ the wrong one.

A slight correction.

If there are several posters scraped in the thumbs, and you’re showing the wrong one, you can do the following:

  • Turn off the Media Library

  • Open the XML doc with an editor and delete the lines of code from the end relating to thumbnail images

  • Delete the thumbnail doc

  • Create a new jpg doc (as explained)

  • Clear the media library from the player

  • Delete all media library files from a PC connected to the network

  • Delete all ‘thumbnail’ files in the approriate folders

  • Do a full power down, then switch on again

  • Turn the media library back on

That should do it.

The initial ease of media scraping with the flexibility of choosing your own thumbs.

Steve W