Movie split in two files - files in wrong order within folder of media library


I just got the WD Live SMP and am in the process of organizing my library using Media Companion and some common sense.

I create a single folder for each movie with the naming convention MOVIE NAME-CD1.avi & MOVIE NAME-CD2.avi

One problem I have failed to fix is that when I browse the media library and enter the folder that holds the two files, and then choose to play file 1 out of 2, it will start to play file -CD2.avi which is the last part of the movie.

I am suspecting this has something to do with not scraping correctly using media companion.

Does it matter that I only have one .tbn file? (used for XBMC I believe)

File structure within folder attached below.

Can you try adding a 0 to the name of the file example CD01 and CD02