Movie sheets woes


I have been trying unsuccessfully to install movie sheets on my new WD HUB…

I have been reading all the tutorials and viewing the youtube videos as well…

Using the thumbgen pgm to create the thumbs and the sheets dummy files still no success…

Could it be because I am placing all the movies and files onto my network share drive instead of the WD HUB internal drive?  Also are there themes that can not utilize movie sheets?

On my network share drive I have the following folder structure

  Avatar <----------------------------folder


       Avatar.jpg<---------------------cover box

       Avatar.xml<---------------------xml file



I get the cover box and and the movie info to show,  I also get  the movie sheet  as a thumbnail next to the cover box…

at my wits end…

Maybe its my settings on thumbgen???

Which theme are you using?  Some themes implement moviesheets differently than others.  Depending on the theme you will have to set up everthing differently.

And yes, some themes are not setup to use moviesheets.  Although all themes have the capability of displaying moviesheets, only some are specifically designed to use moviesheets.  And as I said, it is dependent on the theme as to how you will have to setup Thumbgen.


here is a list of the the Themes I have…

  1. Mochi

  2. Anodize with triclke

  3. Anodize

  4. Legacy

  5. Mojo

The One I like and want to use with the movie sheets is The Anodize with triclke…

Well, first the Anodized theme is not specifically designed for moviesheets.  This theme was designed by PsychoTHC and modified by me to use the trickle effect, however, it has not been updated for the latest firmware (which by the way is what you need to use moviesheets).

The only one that you are using that is specificallly designed for moviesheets is MOJO.  And for that you need to use THIS version and download and read the tutorial.

cool man…Ill try that tonight…By the way what other themes can use movies sheets?

I believe only Tinwarble’s Mojo theme and Joey’s Aeonish theme support moviesheets at the time.

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Still having problems…however I am making progress…

This is what I have now…

This is how I want it to look

Here are my setting in Thumbgen.

Here are the folders after Thumbgen generates them…

I have tried and tried without sucess…I hope the pics help out to show what I am doing wrong

Also there seems to be an extra thumbnail and I cant seem to locate wher its coming from…

Please HELP…thanks so much for the great job you guys do… 

Well, your first problem is that you are generating the wrong moviesheet.  You HAVE to use the moviesheets that are specifially created for a theme, using other moviesheet templates will NOT work because the way the HUB displays the moviesheets  it does not allow for that.

If you using my Mojo theme, then you have to use the moviesheet templates that I have provided HERE.

Ok…that makes sense…

But what theme wouId I use if I want to make look like this

Also…That extra thumbnail I cant fig where its coming from.Ive deleted anything that has Batman associated with and it stills keeps showing…

Again Thanks so much for all your help could not have gotten as far as I have without your help…


Well, basically none.  At least none that use the current way of displaying moviesheets.  As I said, moviesheets for the HUB are desgned specifically for the theme that they are being used for.

The moviesheet that you want to use was designed for the Live and Live Plus that runs on custom firmware that can use moviesheets natively.  The HUB is not designed that way (and there is no custom firmware for it).  Athough you can display moviesheets on the HUB, it uses a Photo slideshow method pulling the moviesheet from an image stored locally.  Unlike the Live and Live Plus running custom firmware that assigns the moviesheet to the video and displays it.

Ok…now that explains it…thansk so much…any ideas why i cant get rid of that pesky icon…Ive cleard the meadia several tims and it wont go away…tried searching for it with no success…wierd???

From your PC open the .wd_tv folder and delete the thumb folder.


So sorry to be a pain…

I took your advice and used the MOJO 1.10.02(MS) and downloaded the movie sheets and the cover boxes templates…

I then follow the tutorial instruction(very nice job)…But still no success…here is what I have.

Thumbgen settings

ThumbGen Results 


Please help…All is appreciated

Yeah, I have recently been made aware that the pic for Input/Output naming is wrong, the written directions are correct however.  But you need set it up like this:

I’m correcting the error on the tutorial and updating it soon.

You’ll end up with these files here:

Tangled Hub files.jpg

Then it’s just a matter of changing the extension on the thumbnail from .png to .jpg.

cool man…ill giv it a try…thanks again for all your great help…

By the way …did  you have a donate site?

Well, I appreciate the thought, but no I don’t have a donation site.

I’m fairly cheep you can just click on the Kudos star on my posts to show your appreciation.


Hello Tinwarble,

All seems to be working great…

I notice that the same background image recycles over and over…is there a way to get 3-5 diff images to cycle thru…?

Well there are 2 things you can do.  You can, as many of us do, set it up to be a semi-static image, which is to:

To make the moviesheet semi-static.  On the HUB, select Setup, then select Photo Settings.  In the Photo Settings menu, select “Slideshow Transition” and set it to “Fade”, then select “Slideshow Interval Time” and set it for “5 minutes”.

Or you can make several sheets.  Thumbgen allows you to make up to 3, however, since the “Spare” sheet for Mojo is used to make the thumbnail, you can only make 2 at one time.  To make a second sheet, just select the box to generate the “Extra moviesheet”, then in the Input/Output naming set up the naming for the extra moviesheet near the same as it is for the Main moviesheet.  If you have it like I have it in my pic, where it’s “$M$N$E_sheet” then that will work or you can use something like “$M$N_sheet2”.  

If you want more moviesheets, then you will need to make a new profile and set it up to just generate the main, extra and spare moviesheets, then change the naming to something different than what you have for your other sheets.   Then generate the sheets for the movie…  Doing this though, you will have to manually edit the xml file to include the new sheets.

Hello Tinwarble,

ok going for the second option for a second sheet (I called it “$M$N_sheet2”)

I cant seem to add the second photo into the extra sheet…everytime I try to add,  it also changes the main sheet to whats in the extra and vice versa…any suggestions