Movie Sheets & Themes (ExtremeMix STD 3.0) & M4V , VOB formats and sort

As I work on generating movie sheets for my movie collections, evely was running great and until I ran into several problems… They are…

  1. Video Formats - M4V & VOB…  M4V works fine no issues on movie sheets, however I do have a huge collections on VOB format.   Here’s my file and folder structure as follows









So I could generate a dummy XML file and rename the file to point to a movie sheet, this movie is a vob format, what name should I use?? I’ve  tried everything…

2. Sort by alphabetical doesnt work well,  example, avatar and battle la should go within the A’s and B’s section, it doesnt, it  toss within the alphabetial soup…    Any thoughts…

i believe the vob files are from  a dvd,

why don’t you create an iso file using imgburn.

It will be much simpler

e.g. avatar.iso



As firetix said, you should create iso’s for you movies.

Iso’s will not change anything about your files, it only puts all your dvd vob files in one file, like a zip file.  This will make your files more managable and easier to get moviesheets to work with them.

There are so much to convert, and it will take so long, is there a solution without going back to convert these files?? 

I don’t think there is.

unless wd fixes the folder metadata… issue

Yeah, your pretty much stuck with want you have or you’ll have to convert to iso or wait and hope that WD fixes the firmware.

However, you can set Imgburn to batch convert your videos.  I haven’t done this, but you can follow the directions in THIS forum on how to make a .bat file to do this for you.

I must say that the convertion is fast around 1min per movie…

it actually writes the iso file according to your hard disk write speed…

i personnally converted some dvd videos to iso yesterday at around 64MB/s.

so its fast.

I am going to try ImgBurn, any special parameters should I add, modify etc… , my movie files are located on harddisk, two types , regular DVD and Bluray which has diffferent folders than dvd. meaning, dvd has video_ts folder and bluray has BDMV and CERTIFICATE folders…

Do I convert from the root folder of Avatar or in the the folder of Avatar, and the same goes to dvd format???

Imgburn is fairly intuitive, you shouldn’t have to change any settngs.  The only setting that you may want to change is to click on  Tools, then Settings, click on the Read tab and unselect the box next to “MDS”.

When you select the folder, just select the root folder.  As far as doing anything different for DVD’s & BR’s, there’s nothing else to do.  When you create an iso, you are basically creating a zip file with all your movie data in it, so what every is in your movie folder, well also be in the iso.

There is a problem with BR iso’s though, and I’m not sure if it has been resolved in the latest firmware.  But if it hasn’t, you will not be able to use the menu’s for them.  You can only play the main movie.

Great I understand, the original question I asked, if I have rip a full copy of the movie, like a regular dvd with a video_ts folder, I can’t view the moviesheets within the folder, any suggestions…

By the way, I did my first converstion of a movie, to a ISO format, now I can’t see the folder on the wd live hub, even though I have the iso, movie sheets, jpegs and xml files…any thoughts on this too


I follow your format MOJO  MSP as you had suggested, works great, plus your idea on converting some of my moives into a ISO format, Ive ran into a interesting problem, converted numerous of movies into ISO format (Bluray), the problem occurs on executing the movie, its stating “format not supported”, however if I reboot the system, it works fine, until I would like to see another movie in a similar format; I get the same message,

Anyone has any ideas

sounds like it might have been caching the compilation as the old format and not updated to the new format so its confused.

I would convert them, remove the old files.

turn off media library, clear media library, turn on media library, wait for compiling to finish.

then when finished for safe measure remove the power cable for 5 seconds and reinsert

wait for compiling to finish again… then try playing the ISOs you have converted.

if this works, convert a few more, then just try the power chord step, wait for compile and try them

If they are just single VOB files then you can quite easily rename the extention from VOB to mpeg… you could batch all your VOBs in one folder and rename the lot in seconds…

The problem isn’t VOB files, but ISO.  The problem is with the new firmware, the problem that tvhub is having is not an isolated one, but a bug in the firmware where ISO’s will give an unsupported file type error.

It appears to happen with everyone using FW version 2.06.10 and it is not theme related.

This hopefully will be fixed in the next firmware release (with fingers crossed), but until then, the only fix is to unplug and replug the power cord.